Ingrown hair led to a huge tumor: doctors remove 140-pound tumor

Ingrown hair led to a huge tumor: doctors remove 140-pound tumor

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Doctors remove 140 pound tumor from a man's abdomen
In the United States, a 140 pound tumor was removed from a man's abdomen. The non-cancerous tumor had grown for years without doctors making the correct diagnosis. The cause of the tumor was apparently ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair can be dangerous
Ingrown hair can have extremely unpleasant consequences. Among other things, this can lead to painful inflammation or an abscess. In the United States, a man had to learn how serious the consequences can be in extreme cases. In the 57-year-old from Mississippi, an ingrown hair on the lower abdomen probably caused a giant tumor to form that weighed 140 pounds. Doctors have now freed the patient from the gigantic tumor.

140 pound tumor removed
According to media reports, the lower abdomen of Roger Logan from Mississippi began to grow so rapidly over ten years ago that he went to the doctor for this. This told him that he was "just too fat".

In reality, however, the man grew a tumor in his stomach, reports the newspaper "Bakersfield".

A few days ago, the 57-year-old was removed from the giant tumor in a hospital in Bakersfield (California) - the growth had already reached 140 pounds.

Non-cancerous tumor
According to the information, it was a non-cancerous tumor. According to the doctors, the tumor was probably caused by ingrown hair on the lower abdomen, which later became inflamed and developed its own blood circulation.

In the end, the tumor reached the floor when the patient was sitting. Logan had spent most of the years in a deck chair because of the growth. He could only get up every now and then. He had to give up his job and hobbies.

According to the newspaper report, an operation failed last year. Logan then lost his courage to live and temporarily stopped eating and drinking.

The patient was unable to walk for years
But his wife didn't give up. "She kept pushing me," said Logan. "She didn't give up on me."

In search of help, she finally found what she was looking for in Bakersfield, which is more than 3,000 kilometers from the Logans' home.

The patient can return home in a few days. He is looking forward to doing things that he hasn't been able to do for years, including walking. "My feet are together," he said. "They haven't been together in years."

He wants to quickly sell his deck chair and replace it with a sofa for himself and his wife.

Removal of giant tumors
The removal of gigantic tumors has been reported repeatedly for years. In 2013, for example, a 17-kilo tumor in a patient's ovaries was removed in the women's clinic at the Lübbecke-Rahden hospital (North Rhine-Westphalia).

The world's largest tumor removed by surgery weighed 90 kilograms. This was removed in early 2012 by an international team of doctors in a 13-hour intervention with a man from Vietnam. (ad)

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