Allergy risk: IKEA extends chocolate recall

Allergy risk: IKEA extends chocolate recall

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IKEA extends chocolate recall
Yesterday it was said that IKEA customers who got allergic reactions due to the consumption of “Choklad Mörk 60 percent and 70 percent” should better refrain from further consumption and return the chocolate to the store for a refund of the purchase price. But now the Swedish company is expanding the recall. Six other products are affected, the company's press department said.

IKEA extends chocolate recall: Six more products are unsuitable for people with hazelnut and / or almond allergy or those with intolerance.

IKEA advises customers who have purchased one or more of the affected IKEA chocolate products that these products are not suitable for people who are allergic or sensitive to hazelnuts and / or almonds. For this reason, IKEA is now calling back the products.

IKEA extends the ongoing chocolate recall to six more products. The chocolate products are not suitable for people with a hazelnut and / or almond intolerance or allergy.

Since hazelnuts and almonds have been found frequently and not only occasionally in the six chocolate products, they are definitely not suitable for consumption by people who are allergic or sensitive to these allergens. The product information does not list the content of hazelnuts and almonds clearly enough. Only “Can… contain” is noted on the label. This can potentially be misleading for the consumer and may therefore be interpreted as not complying with the law in some markets. Due to the high IKEA safety and quality standards, we have decided to recall the affected products worldwide, regardless of the different legislation in the markets. All best before dates are affected.

The products can be safely consumed by anyone who is not sensitive or allergic to hazelnuts and / or almonds. IKEA is not aware of any incidents related to the six products.

Customers can return the affected products to the nearest IKEA store for a full refund of the purchase price. Proof of purchase (the receipt) is not required for the refund. We apologize for the inconvenience. For more information, customers can call IKEA toll-free: 0800-5893391.

Products affected by the recall (all best before dates: CHOKLAD LINGON & BLÅBÄR 180 g (chocolate cranberry & blueberry aroma) CHOKLAD LJUS UTZ 100 g (whole milk chocolate) CHOKLAD NUT UTZ 100 g (whole milk nut chocolate) GODIS CHOKLADKODKOKKNOKO 450 g (Chocolate wafers) CHOCLATE CROQUANT BREDBAR 400 g (Chocolate croquant, spreadable)

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