Popcorn Recall - Harmful levels of tropane alkaloids found

Health threatens: Manufacturer calls popcorn back

XOX Gebäck GmbH from Hameln, Lower Saxony, has launched an extensive recall of various types of popcorn. An increased amount of tropane alkaloids has been found in the products. These natural plant ingredients are toxic to humans and can lead to health problems.

Increased levels of tropane alkaloids found in popcorn

XOX Gebäck GmbH from Hameln (Lower Saxony) has started an extensive recall for various popcorn items. As the company reports on its website, "an increased amount of tropane alkaloids was found in the affected products". These natural plant ingredients are toxic to humans and can lead to health problems.

Recall of seven articles

The following items are affected by the recall with the corresponding best-before dates (this information is on the back of the packaging):

XOX Popcorn Toffee Strawberry 125g, (EAN: 4031446425153), best before: 27.01.2019 and 28.01.2019.

XOX Party Popcorn sweet-salty WM 275g, (EAN: 4031446425139), best before: 23.12.2018.

XOX Party XXL Popcorn Caramel 500g, (EAN: 4031446425016), Best before: 19.12.2018 Best before: 20.12.2018, Best before: 14.01.2019, Best before: 15.01.2019, Best before: 16.01.2019.

Eddy’s Popcorn sweet 200g, (EAN: 4260445241086), best before: 12/31/2018, best before: 01/01/2019.

White Bites Popcorn sweet 120g, (EAN: 4031446770055), Best before: 12/27/2018, Best before: 12/28/2018, Best before: 1/9/2019, Best before: 1/10/2019, Best before: 1/11/2019.

Mike Mitchell Popcorn sweet 200g, (EAN: 24212588), Best before: 12/12/2018, Best before: 12/18/2018, Best before: 12/19/2018, Best before: 1/14/2019, Best before: 1/15/2019, Best before: 1/16/2019.

Rewe best choice popcorn sweet 150g, (EAN: 4388844236516), best before: 16.12.2018, best before: 17.12.2018, best before: 18.12.2018, best before: 07.01.2019, best before: 08.01.2019, best before: 09.01.2019, best before : January 30, 2019.

It is not advisable to consume the affected products

As reported by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety on its "" portal, the seven recalled products were sold nationwide - except in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

According to the manufacturer, customers who have bought the corresponding products can return them to their shops without a presentation of the sales receipt, without reimbursement of the purchase price.

The consumption of the affected articles is not recommended. This "could lead to health problems such as visual disturbances, dilated pupils, dry mouth or fatigue", writes XOX Gebäck GmbH.

Toxic to humans

“Tropan alkaloids are natural plant ingredients that occur in a variety of plants, especially in nightshade plants such as. B. henbane, thorn apple and belladonna ”, explains the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Security (Ages) on its website.

“Plants form tropane alkaloids to protect themselves against predators (e.g. insects). Tropan alkaloids are also toxic to humans, ”say the experts, who point out that cases of poisoning have been reported in Slovenia and Austria, among others, in recent years.

Symptoms such as dry mouth, hot red skin, visual disturbances, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), speech disorders, dizziness, disorientation and hallucinations were observed in those affected.

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) (status: 2013), no cases of health impairment of infants, young children and consumers of other age groups through consumption of products contaminated with tropanal alkaloid are known in Germany. (ad)

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